Welcome to RandomOddness!

The main page of this site is a web log (blog) that I post to periodically. Expect my postings to be random. And odd. See how this works? I thought the site name seemed like a good idea. Of course, that might have been the tequila talking. I regretted the domain name the moment I registered it.

There’s a ton of old silliness here – check out Archives for a chronological list of my writings. Er, when the Archives section is working…

About Me

My name is Lee Stewart, a single guy currently in Boston area – just moved to Weston, so I’m now in the ‘burbs. I work for myself as a computer programmer, usually doing cool web stuff (if it’s not cool, I won’t do it – unless the money is real good, of course).

I’ve been programming for 15 years and feel comfortable with all web technologies (insert requisite acronyms here: ASP, JSP, PHP, CF, etc). This website is a testing ground for programming. So don’t be surprised if things are borked…

Other disturbing facts...

I really like Altoids and chocolate. Just not together.

Which reminds me – I don’t like squirrels. They’re mean and I think they can read our thoughts.

On the other hand, I love monkeys. I’ve got a link to the Evil Monkey hidden on my site. Let me know if you find him.

My favorite Doctor is Pepper. (If Abbey were a Doctor, she’d top the list). Doctor Maureen is pretty neat, too. I like the Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait. Oh, and Chili Dogs. I include them here because they go well with Dr Pepper.

I used to produce a one hour TV program that features live Boston bands called The Rock Candy Show (I also made the website).

I really like to use hyphens – and ellipses, too…

I’m working out a way of conserving water by washing a single hand when the other one isn’t dirty.

I want to produce a cooking series for television. This, from a guy that writes haiku’s about Pizza Rolls and sometimes eats dinner out of a can.

I read the Somerville Journal to the visually impaired.

I used to sleep too late on Thursday mornings to take the garbage out. That wouldn’t be so bad, but the garbage collectors came at 2pm…

I’ve added the word “nekkid” to my spell checker. I’m weighing the pros and cons of adding “borked”.

I put a capital letter in the middle of eMail to match the naming convention that Apple used with their eWorld service (circa 1990-ish).

I used to get more hits from a website devoted to knitting than all other links combined. Not really sure what that says about me.

About the site

This site has evolved continuously over the past 6 months um for the last 22 months er, since 2001. I’m at the point where I have plenty of storage space for images and such and also have CGI capabilities for all sorts of server-side fun (in the form of PHP pages). This lets me get creative, like adding Ajax and such to the site.

I built the graphics using PhotoShop and the HTML is edited by hand with a little help from Macromedia Dreamweaver. I use Cascading Style Sheets pretty heavily in this version. That’s why the layout is so screwed up. The font I use for headers and such is Dipthong Oblique and I purchase all of my fonts from T26.com

There’s a ton of PHP going on and I’ve used Zend Studio for some backend stuff. The code is served via Textpattern, an excellent Open Source system. I’ve modified it to suit my mood. Lately my mood has been “spunky”! Lately I’ve customized the hit tracking code and I’m soon going to tackle the archives and the photo section.

I’m using several TextPattern plugins: zem_rewrite to force the URLs on this site to be in my own warped format.

The site is on DreamHost, an excellent, low cost service. I’m moving all of my websites to their system. Their support kicks major ass! Tell them RandomOddness.com sent you and I get a free box of tissues!

Aside from the referral they offer, I think they’re a great deal – their cheapest plan allows you to host three full unlimited domains, with more eMail addresses and database stuff than you’ll ever need. With a free domain registration thrown in and a one-click install for blogging softare, you can get your own blog up and running cheaply and easily.