What I've been up to...

Saturday · December 19, 2009 · 10:05 PM

So busy lately, mostly doing real paying sort of work. It’s a good thing, since I have a mortgage and all, but it’s kept me from all my other projects.

Worked on a fun video project with Vanessa the Clockwork Holiday

I also managed to get my old Chistmas Story video online. I made it a couple years ago, but it still amuses me.

The other big project that I’m working on is a script for a contest. It’s a two hour TV pilot, a procedural show that involves a woman that solves crimes. I’ll share more when I have time, but it’s looking like a pretty tight deadline.

And one thing that I haven’t done? Christmas shopping. We’re expecting a blizzard tomorrow, which will probably affect my ability to take care of that tomorrow and maybe even Monday. I’m working on cancelling Christmas, which would help.

On the bright side, being snowed in will give me some more time to work on my script.