Random New Year.

Sunday · January 03, 2010 · 04:13 PM

Had a great New Year’s – staying up late with fireworks and champagne is the best! I read that a few friends couldn’t make it to midnight and I’ve coined the term celegraytion – the inability to party later than eight o’clock.

I don’t really make “resolutions”, I’m always adding new things (projects and/or goals) to my pile. Having said that, 2010 is the “year of writing”.

Did I mention the contest? I’m deep in writing mode for this project, a two hour spec pilot about a bike messenger with Asperger’s. It’s a clever story and I really like the characters.

There’s a lot in the script. Aside from introducing the characters, the worlds, etc. there are two crimes. Not a huge deal, but having our hero bounce from one to the other was more difficult than I thought.

Anyway, a couple more weeks and it’ll be sent off and I get to look into the other spec scripts I’m writing.