ScriptFenzy 2010

Wednesday · March 31, 2010 · 11:29 AM

“Write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April.”

ScriptFrenzy. I did it last year, can I do it again? It wasn’t easy, in order to have enough time to write, I took a couple weeks off of work. I was able to pull it off with the help of my mojo – it was sitting on my desk, next to my muse and a case of Dr Pepper.

The thing I was missing last year was a clear focus – the short version: I started on a weak action film and figured out how little I knew about the mechanics of writing a script. I took a step back and wrote some TV scripts.

This year I have a much stronger start. I have a clear idea for what I’m going to write and an overall feel for the beginning, middle, and end. More on that later.

“Prizes: Happiness. Creative juices. Pride. Laughter. Bragging rights. A brand-new script.”

The biggest thing about writing a script is the finishing. Plenty of people have a “great idea”, but when the work starts they lose interest and go watch cartoons. The group that rolls up their sleeves and (good or bad) finishes 100 pages? Those are the writers.

Against all logic, this is why I want to write a script – because I don’t have the free time and a full day of work leaves me too tired to do anything except operate the remote.

“Your ticket to creative adventure.”

What the ScriptFrenzy folks don’t say is that it really helps to have other people read and critique your work. During my day-to-day existence as a programmer, I don’t run into very many creative people, the type of people that you can chat about the best way to structure a log line. The “community” aspect of the site really helps.

So look me up on the ScriptFrenzy site and send some encouragement. And by “encouragement”, I mean “Dr. Pepper”.