Is my writing behind schedule? You bet!

Monday · April 05, 2010 · 09:17 AM

Yup, less than a week into ScriptFrenzy and I’m already behind my goals. I like to set my sights above what’s requested of me (like targeting 200 pages instead of 100), but I can’t even manage to write a couple pages a day.

Mostly this is a side effect of the Big Huge deadline that I have with work. When you work 60-70 hours a week, the time you’re not working is sort of “sit on the couch and drool” time. I have a ton of notes about what I want to write and keep adding more notes, so I’m kinda-sorta making progress. But when you look at the ScriptFrenzy Zero Pages bar it feels like I’ll never make my goal. Or even their goal.

I feel pretty lucky that my friends and family support my time writing, but when they ask if they can help, there’s not much anyone can do unless they can alter time or speed up my deadline. Or maybe teleport me off this rock.