"So what's your script about?"

Friday · April 09, 2010 · 03:26 PM

I hate that question. I don’t have a solid logline, which bothers me more than I can express in words. The 30 second elevator pitch – it shouldn’t be that tough. I know the story and the characters. Really, I should be able to tell someone what makes my script so cool. People keep taunting me with the question “what’s it about”.

It’s not hat I don’t know, it’s just tough to put into words. Well, tough to put into 20 words.

My stoner comedy was easy – a guy inherits a laundromat and moves in with his slacker friend – I call it Suds and Buds. Pretty much a sentence that explains the overall feel of the script (stoner comedy) tells you the situation (in a laundromat) and paints a pretty decent picture of what the story’s about. If their eyes haven’t glazed over, I tell them there’s a romantically challenging aspect and a dog named Hummer.

I heard a podcast about loglines that said the first step in a “logline quest” is to describe the story. This starts me with my first challenge.

My script is the first episode of sci-fi TV series. The design of the show has the feeling of an anthology, like Twilight Zone – basically a bunch of stories that are tied together by location. There are some characters that appear in more than one story – a character might show up as a minor character in a story, but later in the season be the star of their own story. For me, the show is less about the specific stories and more about the “place”. The only common element in all of the episodes will be the lawless city that my characters inhabit. Sort of like Deadwood, where everyone is a criminal of some sort.

Every time I try to write something I can hear that guy that does the movie trailers: “In a world … where there is no absolute right or wrong … where everything is painted in shades of gray …”

Things are still forming, I’ll let you know if I figure this piece out…