Top 10 List

Thursday · May 01, 2003 · 02:57 PM

Have I mentioned that I’m staying with Rich and Catherine? And that Catherine is a professional chef? Being around her I’ve learned:

  • The difference between herbes de Provence and mulch.
  • Chiffonade is not a ballroom dance move or a fabric.
  • You can plate food, even though “plate” is not a verb.
  • You can rue a gravy, but you’ll never regret a roux.
  • Chefs don’t like puns, but nice chefs will laugh politely.
  • Hot water burn baby (I might have learned that from Rainman).
  • Candy thermometers are not for use on pets. No, not that end either.
  • German chocolate cake for breakfast is yummy.
  • The word chef is gender neutral and there’s no such word as “chefette”.
  • Asparagus will make your pee smell funny.
  • You can tenderize chicken with a big ol’ saucepot.
  • “Big Ol’” is a cooking term in Texas.
  • Pie is good. Pie without crust is better.
  • It takes 14 ounces of champagne to make 8 pancakes. Best drank with orange juice.
  • Freedom fries were not invented in France.
  • Add chocolate to green icing makes a wonderful retro-colored avacodo green.
  • Cole’s law: thinly sliced cabbage.
  • You can’t use cherry tomatoes on a sandwich.
  • Buttermilk and cream are sold in the same shaped containers. Only one is good in coffee.
  • “This meal sort of starts off with an aftertaste” is an insult.