Sauzen wars, Round one: Pindersaus versus Satesaus

Wednesday · August 28, 2002 · 04:15 PM

Back to Amsterdam and food (I’ve always said that Holland is the king of junk food). I like the fritte saus, the sauce they put on french fries. I had a goal of tasting all of them while I was there, but it didn’t work out (I need more than three days). The shop nearby the hotel had 15 sauces (I’ve bolded the ones I tried): oorlog, speciaal, appelmoes, mayonnaise/freitsaus. ketchup, currysaus, knoflooksaus, mosterdsaus, vlaamse mayonaise, kerrisaus, cocktailsaus, satesaus, chillisaus, groenepeperaus, tartarensaus, and duizendinachtsaus.

One of my favorite foods in the world is a Dutch pancake (pannenkoeken, which is thin and crepe-like) with ham and cheese (kas, usually gouda or something else yummy). I had a couple in the short stay there.

I also ate the pancake’s little siblings, pofferitjes. They’re like little round, puffy pancakes. Sort of like silver dollar pancakes on steroids. They’re actually similar to beignets in New Orleans, except cooked on a griddle instead of deep fried.

They do have deep-fried in Holland, though. Lumpias (Indonesian egg rolls), Kipkrockett, and bitter ballen (anyone know what’s in those things?).

Oh, and they also make french fries. My favorite sauce is the peanut sauce, by the way.

Peanut Butter. Yum.