Punslinger from the West

Saturday · June 21, 2003 · 09:35 AM

I’ve noticed an odd trend. People that own hair salons seem to like bad puns. Actually there are no such thing as good puns – puns are like knitting jokes in that regard (little purl of wisdom for you).

What I’m trying to say is that they name their shops the most inane things: Best Little Hair House, The Cutting Edge, Hair A-fair, Lila’s Headlines, Shear Perfection, etc. (This may be the first post to be written by the Lawton phone book.)

Most other industries refrain from these puns and I salute them. I mean aside from a few oddballs, like the drive-in restaurant called “Food! Where’s the car?” and the rug installation place called “David Carpetfield”.

Okay, I made those two up.

But I’m sure some ex-hairdresser is taking those shop names seriously.