Dinner Rants

Thursday · March 07, 2002 · 10:16 PM

So, I’m eating fish sticks and baked beans for dinner. No, not mixed. It’s frozen fish sticks (which have been cooked, ThankYouVeryMuch) and a side of pork and beans.

I like this combo, but the bean juice runs all over the plate and makes the bottom of the fish sticks soggy. I hate that. I’ve been thinking about sticking toothpicks in the fish sticks so that they stand up over the soggy making bean juice.

Winds up that’s too much work (plus I burnt my fingers). I could put the fish sticks and beans on separate plates, but that doubles my dish washing requirements. I’m sure there’s a simpler solution. I’ll work on it and get back to you.

By the way, I was talking to someone last night about my broken oven, which has been broken since when I moved in. I’ve never really missed it, except for the time that I bought “Shake N Bake”.

The “bake” part of the name didn’t clue me in on the fact that I’d need an oven. I was just excited by the picture on the box. It looked yummy.

Anyway, I bought a box of “Shake N Bake” and a chicken, which has been my cabinet for the past 7 months. Not the chicken, of course – the “Shake N Bake”. The chicken has been sitting in the refrigerator for 7 months.

I’m hoping someone invents “Shake N Nuke”, so I can make it in my microwave.

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