Haiku Part Two

Wednesday · March 06, 2002 · 04:08 PM

Okay, since I had a ton of questions about the haikus (well- two comments, but they were heavy and may have added up to a ton).

Alright, let’s try again. I like the new site layout, but people have mentioned that it’s hard to track the Haikus. I’ve sort of tucked them away somewhere else and the link at the top of my main page is gone. So I performed some of my ToeTag magic and put the author and date for the latest haiku on the left side of this page. See it over there, below the navigation stuff. No a bit higher up – just above the rings. Yeah. That’s it.

It works pretty well, but takes a little time to update. Sometimes it shows the previous haiku instead of the latest. A screen refresh takes care of the problem. I know why. I can’t fix it. I’m sorry.

I feel like I should discuss the Bea Arthur haiku a bit more. I ran out of time in my last post and didn’t mention the winner.

First off on Saturday, March 02, 2002 a certain someone saw Bea Arthur in person. That person gets zero point for not contributing any Bea Arthur haikus after the show. Talking about being in the perfect Bea Arthur mood – that would have been it.

We had four authors, Andrew with the most again (6), and then Anna (3), followed by Tanya (congrats on the new blog!) and Susan.

Okay, the winner of the Bea Arthur Haiku is Anna, who gets the Golden Chuckler award for the only haiku that made me laugh out loud:

her knowing smile shines.
Beneath the flowing garments,
colostomy bag.

Andrew gets second place for writing a movie dialog in haiku format:

Basil Exposition: “Austin. Miss Arthur.”
Austin Powers: “No Baby! That’s a Man, Man.”
(Austin Jumps on Bea Arthur)
Austin Powers: “This… Wig… Won’t… Come… Off!!!”

Susan gets negative points for implying I would kiss Bea Arthur. What the…?

So, hope you guys enjoy the new haiku topic, plush toys. Try not to make them so sad...

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