Monday · March 04, 2002 · 05:29 PM

For lunch today I had corned beef hash (CBH, to borrow a page from Erin). Never really sure what that was, so I figured I’d try it. Let me dispel a myth – there is no corn – they should call it potatoed beef hash.

I saw the can while shopping for dishwashing soap and got it on a spontaneous whim (as opposed to those well-thought out whims, I suppose). The can looked interesting, picture of some eggs served along with the CBH. Yum.

After getting the can home and opening it, I started having second thoughts. It looks sort of like canned dog food.

Then a memory hit me. I had a roommate that bought a can of this stuff and it sat in our cabinet for 3 years. Not sure if he was practicing to be a survivalist, or if he was waiting until we had a Nuclear Winter, but it wasn’t eaten during the time we shared the apartment.

As I ate lunch (again, the corn beef hash, which is the topic of this post) I remembered further that I’d had this before. At the roommate’s new place last summer. I hope it wasn’t the same can from 4 years ago.

That could have been bad.

[Google goggles: ptomaine botulism salmonella]