Monday · February 25, 2002 · 06:02 PM

Since the death of Chuck Jones, I’ve wanted to post something. Something funny, maybe a little irreverent – I think it’s exactly what he would expect. At first I was going to launch into a series of “wouldn’t it be great if he was in his garage and an anvil fell on his head?” But decided that was a little too irreverent. Even for me.

Someone said that Chuck’s passing was the end of an era. I don’t remember who said it (okay, actually I do. whatever), but I think the era died in the mid 60’s. At this time, Warner Brothers (and then others) closed their facilities. It became cheaper to hire foreign “artists” to animate the shows.

I’ve always wanted to be an animator. I love the art form, every since I was a young Tag, weaned on Chuck Jones (and the other classic animators like Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett, etc).

Unfortunately, Chuck’ll never see my animated series “Intravenous Jim and Metaphor, His Horse”.

Heh, that title makes me chuckle.

[Animated Search Engines: “horse” means heroin]