Thursday · February 21, 2002 · 04:46 PM

I’ve been a little troubled and slightly down lately. It’s the fact that I don’t look like the little avatar on the right side of my page. Those Stor guys give you some options, but they all have manly lantern jawed heads (heh, even the women) and I didn’t see the frizzy hair look or the pointy nose option.

So, I just got a haircut (you should have seen the woman’s face when I showed her that drawing – “here, I want to look like this.”). I’m getting new glasses that look like the ones in the picture. I’ve found a medical supply store that will sell me the Frankenstein-looking white shoes.

That’s my basic frame, but my abs aren’t as pronounced. Time to get back to the gym, I think. Hm, I wonder if this could increase my value.

I’ll keep you posted.

[Google, come and get it: Gwen Stefani bellybutton]