Cheaper to Rent It

Thursday · February 21, 2002 · 01:10 AM

I’ll sleep better tonight, knowing that my body is worth $1,957,350 – slightly over the average of $1,876,655. It’s an interesting site, where they ask a bunch of questions and use the info to calculate what your body is worth.

The questionnaire, asks your penis size (if you’re male) and I had to guess, since I didn’t have any idea. This isn’t something that I’ve ever needed to know – it’s not like the size dictates your underwear options or you have to list it on your organ donor card.

I tried to fill out the female version of the questionnaire, to see what I would be worth after a sex change operation (out of curiosity, not that I’m contemplating some drastic operation).

I got stumped by the cup size question – I may be an A cup. I’ve never really been measured. Is there a little metal tray that you place your breasts on to get the cup size? Sort of like the ones used to measure feet? Perhaps at Victoria’s Secret?

Overall, I can’t help but think that a few extra IQ points might have tipped me over the two million dollar mark. If I stopped gambling, drinking, or watch less TV then my value would probably go up, too.

Somehow raising my IQ seems easier…

[Silly Yahoo: foot fetishists are for kids]