More Squirrel News

Wednesday · February 20, 2002 · 03:01 AM

Not that I’m obsessed with these nasty squirrels, but I wanted to tell one more story before I drop the subject. I was looking out the window and saw a squirrel going by. Again, this is a second floor window, so it’s odd to see a squirrel scamper by the window.

Only this one wasn’t scampering. He was sitting totally still, looking frozen. Maybe he was frozen – the temperature dropped very suddenly and caught me without a warm enough jacket. Maybe it caught this guy, too. Frozen solid, right where he stood. Which happened to be on a telephone cable 15 feet off the ground.

So, I’m trying to recall where I put my broom (you see, I don’t use it so often). I can’t remember where it is, so I’m looking around for something to poke this guy. Mostly I want to see if he’s okay, but part of me thinks it would be cool if he fell off and shattered on the sidewalk below.

It would be cool to see him shatter like a German officer made from plaster of Paris or a mimetic poly-alloy robot that’s been doused with liquid nitrogen. Serves the little furry bastard right for stealing my favorite socks!

Where is that broom? The Mop? Anything?...

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