Chicken to post a haiku?

Sunday · February 17, 2002 · 02:39 AM

Blogger ate my new template, so the Happy Moment stuff was up longer than I wanted. It’s fixed, no harm, no fowl. While I was tinkering around to remove the HTML for that, I thought I’d change the Haiku topic as well.

There were a bunch of great Haikus this time. My favorite, is a joke Andrew made about the movie The Matrix

the electric car
has more personality
than Keanu Reeves

As I total up the points, the “bling bling and dem 20 inch rims” goes to Tanya (especially for the first Haiku posted, which could have been the subject of a commercial starring Erin).

Andrew was in a close second. Followed by Susan, Anna, Erin, and Kate. And, of course, all of my Haiku’s were outstanding. Unfortunately for me, I’m disqualified from the contest.

I’m getting two hits a day by people looking for Bea Arthur (with “nude pictures of Cathy Rogers” as a close second). I feel I owe them (the Bea Arthur fans, not the nudie Cathy Rogers freaks), so I’m going to make Bea the next Haiku topic. This may be the first time that people have written Bea Arthur Haikus, in the entire history of Bea Arthur.

Bonus points for not comparing Bea Arthur in drag to Andrew. I’m hoping that everyone will get bonus points.

[Those Yahoos: fowl in drag]