Happy Moments are passing you by.

Thursday · February 14, 2002 · 04:02 AM

It’s officially Saint Valentine’s Day. That means it’s the last day for a Happy Moment poem. That means all kinds of silliness will ensue. Well, maybe not here, but somewhere. Surely.

I’m not so happy about the people calling it “VD”, since that sounds… Well, dirty.

The most important thing is that I’ll be able to remove the blinking text from the top of my page. I think I’ve gone overboard, what with the animated image earlier in the week. Hope it hasn’t caused seizures in small animals or anything. Unless it’s those pesky squirrels, of course. I hope those bastards choke on their own tongue.

For the folks keeping track, I’ve sent out around 20 of these poems. Actually, I’m not one of the people that are keeping track, so I’m not sure the exact number…

The idea of the Happy Moment poem is that it takes place at rather mundane times in everyday life. It’s not about a pre-fabricated company-sponsored holiday.

Romantic moments happen all the time – they can’t be scheduled. It’s not about a line in your day-planner, saying “buy flowers for The Girl”. Heck, it’s not even about the flowers.

It’s about looking at your significant other and thinking, “I’m a lucky person”. Even if the two of you are just doing laundry…

[Word up to your Google: charlie brown venereal disease]