You ALL suck!

Wednesday · February 13, 2002 · 02:43 AM

Why didn’t someone tell me today was National Pancake Day and IHOP was giving out free pancakes Seriously, this is rude. My motto is “If it’s free, it’s for me”. Bring these things to my attention as soon as you hear about them. Please.

Funny that I’m looking for some free pancakes, just as some people are giving them up for lent. Makes me wonder if the International House of Pancakes (is it really international? Does Canada count?). Er, where was I? Oh, yeah – does IHOP know that people give up pancakes for lent? Does this explain the timing of National Pancake Day? Classic drug pusher story – the first one’s always free, then you’re hooked…

[Gagging Google: sticky syrup hands]