I'm a geek.

Tuesday · February 12, 2002 · 04:36 AM

I keep getting eMail from folks doubting how much of a total nerd I can be. Somehow I look cooler, more hip on-line. Here’s an example of a what it means to be a geek:

Only a gaggle of geeks would sit in a pub and argue about the properties of temperature stabilization in a refrigerator. Does an empty fridge use less electricity than a full fridge? The theory is that a refrigerator that is fully stocked with food will retain more cold and therefore the refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard. On the other hand, it has to work more to get the food down to the proper temperature. Which is cheaper?

Anyway, I could go into the full argument, counter argument, etc. That’s not the point. The point is that I sat in a bar with some friends arguing about this. For 3 hours. Until the bartender threw us out.

They didn’t want us sitting around drinking Chardonnay and discussing the coefficient of thermal convection of medium density food products. The bartender said we needed to get into a fistfight over the argument or leave. The pub has a reputation to maintain, you know.

I’m a geek, but I think I only geek-out when it “matters”. My friend just spent $300 for “the CD that matches the color of the box” heh “an old beige burner in a new sleek grey box will be a real eye sore”. Yeah, chicks dig a man that color coordinates his CD recorder with the rest of his system. Of course this is a guy that doesn’t even match his socks. With each other, I mean – not to his computer.

Don’t even get me started on the Windows NT “mini driver jokes”...

While on the geek topic, I never thought “hack the planet” was a cool phrase.

[Google food: drunk driver pictures]