Highway Traffic

Sunday · February 10, 2002 · 07:18 PM

The weather got nice here in the Boston area, so I opened the window a bit and threw the curtains back. It’s good to get some fresh air, or what passes as fresh air in Somerville.

So I’m goofing around, spinning in my chair until I get dizzy, then spin the other way. Oops, I meant – I’m working very hard at my computer and see a blur out of the corner of my eye. It’s a squirrel, running along the phone lines outside my window.

“Odd,” I thinks. A little later, another one goes by. Then a third squirrel. Or maybe it was one squirrel three times. It’s hard to tell.

I’m starting to think I could set up a tollbooth and charge them for the trip. Maybe I could set up a webcam so you guys can see the squirrels scamper outside my window. Or, I hear they taste like chicken…

You’d think these squirrels would be hibernating somewhere, playing with their nuts, or something.

Hm. That’s mildly funny in a “six year old” sort of way. Somehow I should work dancing squirrels in here. They’re always funny. Or those one that give a high five after causing a car wreck (love that commercial).

Ah, well back to spinning in my chair.

[dizzy squirrel nuts ]