Poem Update

Saturday · February 09, 2002 · 04:40 AM

Man, Tanya is in the lead with this new haiku theme, but Susan is close behind. Given the extra points that Susan earned for fitting in motion sickness, maybe she has the edge. At this point it’s anybody’s game – we’re only on the first day of this topic.

I’ve sent out around a dozen Happy Moment poems. I actually lost track of the total number I’ve sent, in fact I don’t even have copies of all of them (so stop asking for me to post a compilation). I wanted to answer a quick question here: I sent the poem out and you own it. Do what you want – put it on a greeting card, post it on your blog, or tattoo it on your buttocks.

I’d appreciate a link back to my blog, but it’s not necessary. Especially if we’re talking about your butt – not sure I want mu URL on your ass.

[rubber latex whipped topping]