Haiku 4 U

Friday · February 08, 2002 · 05:35 PM

Well, it’s that time again – a new haiku topic. Again, I think Tanya won. Don’t tell her, but it’s really because I can’t stand Andrew’s poetry – he once tried to rhyme “poopie” with “groupie”.

Thanks for the link to this Flash madness (you know who you are). Someone thought I’d like it since Chairman Kaga can be seen. Frankly it contains so many images, seeing Kaga isn’t so special (I was psyched to see the Smurfs, though – they’ve sort of faded from pop consciousness). I like the Flash becuse it’s so dancable…

Looking at my old posts, the last one I had that was interesting (pre-poem, I mean) was about the new cars that have electrical outlets in them. So, the new topic is electric cars. They are everywhere, so there’s no excuse not to write something (if I get one more “what’s a pizza roll” eMail, I’m going to show you how they can be used as a suppository).

You get bonus points for working motion sickness in the haiku without using the word “vomit”.

[poopie vomit suppository]

(I love this trolling for google hits thing! I just got a hit for “Patriots Flasher” surely they were looking for another site...)