more ack

Friday · February 08, 2002 · 02:36 AM

I didn’t realize so many people would request a Happy Moment poem. I’m finishing up the last one right now (number 7, for those that are counting).

Some of the requests that I’m getting look like they could be from a male. I’m not sure, so I’m sending out poems to them anyway. I suspect these guys are cheating and sending my poem to their girlfriends. The least you can do is send me eMail and let me know if she liked it. I suppose this makes you Christian to my Cyrano.

My original idea was to write a piece of romantic poetry about some mundane place or situation. It’s tougher than I thought, actually. Partly because I’m not much of a poet, but mostly because I’m really making these up as I go along. There’s no book of poetry and I haven’t pre-written a bunch of poems. I’m forcing myself to be creative on the spot. Makes for some weak poetry.

Anyway, I’m caught up, so eMail me if you want a Happy Moments poem. Er, one per customer. If you send me another request, I’ll put you on hold until sometime next week.