Happy Moment Writer.

Thursday · February 07, 2002 · 05:55 AM

It’s officially one week from St. Valentine’s Day. Unless something miraculous happens, I’ll be spending the day alone. This’ll be the first time in as long as I can remember that I’ll be alone and I’m not sure what to do with myself. Perhaps I’ll go to the Tootsie CD release party.

Rather than mope around, as some bloggers do, I’m writing poetry about “happy moments”. You know, those moments that you enjoy when you’re in a relationship, the simple times, the situations that occur at unexpected places.

So I’m writing poems. Only, not in this blog – poetry is way too serious and this is too public a forum. So I’ll send a poem to you. Just eMail me a request and I’ll send you a couple sentences, trying to catch that magic feeling. I’m not much of a poet; you get what you pay for, standard disclaimer here, etc.

This is a limited time offer – 1 week only. Act fast. Operators are standing by. Everyone is free to email me. Except Mike – I’m still reeling from that kiss.