The Matrix (not the movie)

Wednesday · February 06, 2002 · 03:07 PM

So, I was reading the latest issue of Road & Track (I have a subscription, is that so hard to believe?). Anyway, I saw a review of the Toyota Matrix. It’s pretty cool (and similar to the Pontiac Vibe, as advertised on the Super Bowl) but the name is a lame attempt to be hip.

It’s got a standard power outlet in the middle of the dashboard. You can plug whatever appliance you want, like a dishwasher or a toaster oven (which isn’t really a toaster or an oven, by the way).

I was a little disappointed with the TV commercial, since I think they should highlight the timesaving capabilities of this feature and not show a guy playing an electric guitar and trying to pick up women.

Him: “Can you play a drumbeat on the car?”
Her: “No, but I can slap your stupid ass.”

She didn’t really say that. But it would have been cool if she did…

It would be more realistic to have a carpool of people going to work, stuck in traffic. Yet not worried – they’re blow-drying hair, using an electric razor, etc.

How about some folks camping, using the outlet for a small space heater, microwave, computer (so they can read this blog) basically all the comforts of home. But in their car. See the humor?

Executive that runs his office out of the car – laptop, fax machine, coffee maker, etc. And a paper shredder (maybe, he’s from a failed energy corporation and needs to cover his tracks). Heh, now that would be funny.

[spanking naughty nuns]