Samuel F'n Jackson

Tuesday · February 05, 2002 · 03:09 AM

I saw a commercial for XXX, the new Samuel L Jackson film and realized that he has a half dozen movies coming out this year (I realized this when I read it on the web just now). Anyway, I really enjoy most of his movies and look forward to this one.

His characters are all very similar (see The Long Kiss Goodnight and then Shaft, for example) and the dialog even overlaps:

Pulp Fiction:

Jules (that would be Mr. Jackson): Say “What” again! C’mon, say “What” again! I dare ya, I double dare ya, motherfucker. Say “What” one more goddamn time! [Clip the “describe Marsellus Wallace looking like a bitch” part.]

Brett (stupidly): What?


The Negotiator:

Danny Roman (Mr. Jackson, again): Never say no to a hostage taker. It’s in the manual. Say No again, I dare ya. Now, can I have a helicopter?

Hostage Negotiator (stupidly): No, but don’t shoot a hostage!


Yes, I’ve abridged the dialog quite a bit. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve got the Pulp Fiction movie memorized, but have only seen The Negotiator once. I can’t just dig up a copy of The Negotiator script on-line, can I?

He’s sort of broken out the mold in a few roles, most notably Wace Mindu from Star Wars. Yes I know the characters real name is Mace Windu, calm down, no need to correct me. That Unbreakable role was pretty out-there as well.

My point here is that he kicks some major ass, no matter what he’s in. I don’t mind the characters being similar if they’re cool. Yes, his Deep Blue Sea character was non-cool in many ways. Stop interrupting me when I’m talking or you’re going to get a “time-out”.

In fact I was pissed in that Deep Blue movie because I thought it was about C, the programming language (insert rimshot). No, I mean I was upset when Samuel Jackson takes over the situation and you expect to see him kick some major shark butt (Do sharks have butts?). At that moment he starts barking out orders, while standing next to the water. A shark jumps up and eats him.

That totally leeched any semblance of cool right out of the movie. No need to point out that the movie didn’t have much cool to begin with. Thanks. Interrupt me one more time and I’m going to pull this blog over. I mean it this time – now sit back down and behave.

One of Samuel Jackson’s skills is picking movies with cool lines. Part of the trick is picking these roles and part is delivering the lines.

I’m looking forward to seeing XXX. Someday I’ll tell you how cool I think Vin Diesel is. He was the high point of the Pitch Black movie. Yes I know the high points only looked high since the rest of the movie was so low, but he was great in it.

That’s it – you’ve interrupted for the last time. This post is over and you’ve ruined it for everyone else. I hope you’re happy with yourself.