Good Time

Monday · February 04, 2002 · 05:33 AM

“Good Time Emporium”http://www.goodtimeemporium.com/, that is. That’s where I watched the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is not some large pottery-related thing, as someone suggested. Of course this is from a person living on the other side of the “big pond” (which is a silly expression, since it’s bigger than a pond – perhaps it should be called “big lake”).

They have football over there; except the game is lower scoring and can end in ties. And it’s played with a round ball. Pretty much everything else is like our football. Oh, they have a big net and goalies. And there’s no contact between the players. Well, actually it’s nothing like our football. Sorry.

Back to the point. I enjoyed the game and watching it with a thousand other people made it much more exciting. And loud. Too bad I couldn’t get “the wave” to catch on. I’m also a little bummed about not having time to play Dance Dance Revolution [video].