Mail from Joe-Joe

Thursday · January 31, 2002 · 05:26 PM

For Christmas, I gave my 9 year-old nephew a cheap video camera. Intel makes this camera – it records a couple minutes of footage and then allows you to upload it to a PC for editing. He’s been talking about something similar for along time and I thought he’d enjoy it.

Today I got the following thank-you letter from him:

To Uncle ToeTag,
Thanks for the cam. (I’m a concise writer, okay?!) Your bud, Joe

(Actually he didn’t send it to Uncle ToeTag.)

The point here is that he went out of his way to abbreviate camera and then wrote around 25 extra letters to explain that he was being concise. Odd to the extreme. He acts more like me every day…

He also called me his bud. Kids are so cool when they belong to your sister.