Iron Chef RuleZ!

Friday · January 25, 2002 · 08:28 PM

The weekend is coming, which can only mean one thing. Iron Chef! Aww, yeah, baby! I’m not sure why I like the show; maybe because it’s sort of a cross between watching WWF and the Naked Chef. (What’s up with the “Tuck In” picture on his old site? Think she needs reminders on how to wear a long-tailed shirt?)

Lately I’ve been thinking they should have guest celebrities. Not like the Bobby Flay disaster (need I remind anyone of that debacle?) I was thinking more like Dr. Hannibal Lecter:

Otah: Sku-san!

Announcer: Yes, Otah

Otah: Well, I’ve talked with the challenger and he is indeed serving the liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Random Female Judge: Oh, I like fava beans. They bring out the flavor of any dish. giggle

I’m not really sure Otah says Sku-san, but that’s what it sounds like (it’s probably Fukui-san). Eh, you get the point. I’m also trying to start the rumor that Kaga bought Liberace’s wardrobe on eBay.

While it amazes me that these guys can make a full meal from some random ingredient, maybe they should have more challenging theme ingredients, like suet or a bag of marbles. Of course, I can barely handle heating up Pizza Rolls, so who am I to judge…