Thursday · January 24, 2002 · 04:51 PM

I threw my favorite shirt away. It’s sad, but it had to happen. My favorite flannel shirt with the perfect colors and great fit had to go. Central heating is to blame.

When the heater is running, I can’t hear the clothes dryer. So I’d washed said favorite shirt and it was drying. I go back upstairs to work and didn’t hear that the dryer stopped. By the time that I remembered, the clothes had been sitting in the dryer for a couple hours and were quite wrinkled.

In fact the favorite shirt was a total wreck, almost reverted to a ball of felt. I considered ironing it (for two seconds), but decided it had to go. It’s better, really. I shouldn’t own clothing that requires so much work.

Hopefully that’ll serve as a lesson for the rest of my clothing.