I've created a monster...

Tuesday · January 22, 2002 · 10:50 PM

I spent some time creating a nice “thank you” for Miggie, since she linked to my site. What some people don’t realize is that I’m not so excited about the link – it’s the fact she bothered to stay around long enough to type up some haiku’s. Now everyone with a link to my site is asking for personalized ToeTag artwork. (Well, if you define “everyone” to be “two people”.) Anyway, I don’t really have the time to put these together, sorry. I promise to try, but no promises. Er, uh, you know what I’m saying.

I should have put up this “picture” of Aragorn to make my life easier. Would have saved me from drawing the silly thing I drew (the tough part was figuring out what kind of pants Aragorn wore since there aren’t any pictures of his lower body – I was thinking a nice corduroy, but went with chainmail).

Seems this guy has too much free time – he wants to create the Lord of the Rings movie using Legos. It’s been done before with Star Wars and it’s been proven to be time consuming. Speaking of time, I gotta head out an meet some people. I don’t talk enough about my favorite places, so I’m going to stick a quick shout out to the Sligo Pub (no website link, in fact they don’t even have a telephone). It’s the second best (worst?) dive bar in the area. Probably inappropriate to throw this in the middle of another Blog, but that’s what happens when I follow my train of thought. Which has since derailed.

So, in conclusion, Legos are cool and Lord of the Rings is cool. Just don’t combine them. Oh, and the Sligo Pub is cool.