He's a real Haiku Man, sitting in his Haiku land...

Tuesday · January 22, 2002 · 04:46 AM

My site has had a ton of referrals lately, mostly through links to some of my more odder posts. I’m still getting some hits from PornTracker and I haven’t figured out why. I really haven’t had any sexy talk on my site. Er, at least not on this site. My blog isn’t like some of the other blogs that I’ve come across – some have suggestive taglines, titles, and such. I don’t even talk about my t-shirt that has the big “5 Inches” written across the front.

Another site linking to me (not porn related, as far as I can see) is the “love.is.anarchy” site. She likes the site, in fact contributed a haiku for me. I always appreciate the kindness of strangers.

I was trying to figure out how to acknowledge her linkage. I’m not sure what the Blog protocol is (not that I’d stick to any real protocol, I just wanted to acknowledge that I don’t know what the protocol is). I decided to make a picture of me in a style Miggie would appreciate. I’m no Leonardo, so the picture isn’t so great. I’m no Viggo,either.