Everyone Loves Haiku's!

Saturday · January 19, 2002 · 03:58 PM

I got several posts telling me how to structure haikus – thanks to all! I was actually surprised that people would voluntarily answer a question without some form of prize attached. Or at least some pulsing theme music while I’m wearing an eggplant suit and a maroon tie. (Er, that’s a suit the color of an eggplant, not made out of eggplants.) Anyway, I threw up a couple haiku’s. (Again, this is worded weirdly – bear with me.)

The point of this post (not that a point is required) is to respond to the feedback I’ve gotten about the haiku’s. People seem to like them, but there are very few people that have actually contributed. Aside from myself, there’s only been one.

I added new “clothing” for my avatar, based on a haiku that I wrote for one of my haiku collaborators. Well, again, there was only one collaborator, so you should be able to figure out who inspired a work of art I call “ToeTag in a bikini”. Note that I’ve never worn a bikini or tankini (not really sure what a tankini is, but it sounds vaguely military and girls wear them).

I’d like to point out that these pictures of me aren’t very accurate. In real life my head is smaller, the abs less pronounced, and I’d need a bigger fig leaf. Not that I’ve ever had the occasion to wear a fig leaf, but I think you see what I’m saying. So, to sum up: no bikinis, no tankinis, and no fig leaves.

I completely snarked the comment code from YACCS, which is probably in violation of some agreement that I was supposed to have read. It makes a handy way for people to haiku me and I was too lazy to write some proper code. Between stealing the style, misusing the YACCS code, and posting a picture of myself in a bikini, there’s probably a special section in purgatory being set aside for me. In the seats near the screaming baby.