Drunk and Naked.

Friday · January 18, 2002 · 05:33 AM

After a night of drinking shots of tequila at the Thirsty Scholar, I’m ready for some sleep. I just wanted to post about the latest hits to my website from PornTracker. It looks like I’m the 8th most commonly tracked site? Is my site porn? Wassupwiddat?

Well, I’ve decided to go the full Monty and get nekkid – check out the new “clothing” option in the dropdown list on the right. That should raise a few eyebrows!

For the record, I can’t stick my full fist in my mouth. I was told that this is some form of drinking game they play in Glasgow (I’ve also heard they do this with mice?!!?). I just can’t get more than the tips of my fingers in my mouth (up to the second knuckle). My teeth are in the way – maybe I should have them pulled? Should I drink more and try again?