Christmas Gift

Thursday · January 17, 2002 · 02:14 AM

I don’t know if I mentioned the gift that my Uncle and Aunt gave me. If I already blogged about it, you should read the original post and skip this.

They gave me a water filter, the type of device that hooks to your faucet and gets rid of impurities. I’m not sure if I need it (who can read these reports?), but I’ve been drinking a bunch of bottled water and this will save me some cash. It’ll also spare me from lugging the heavy water back from the store.

One of the nice side effects of having this installed is that it increases the water pressure. The first time I turned on the faucet, I was a little pissed – the pressure nearly took the flesh off of the back of my hand all the way to the bone. I can leave dishes in the sink two days longer, with the knowledge that the faucet will remove the dried on crusty food. This is better than a sand blaster.

I’m always looking at ways to save time and I like this solution. It’s better than my idea of taking the dishes into the shower with me…