Speaking of Irish Pubs...

Wednesday · January 16, 2002 · 06:31 AM

Has anyone noticed that the “Crossing Jordan” show is about an Irish family? Jordan Cavanaugh’s father is an Irish police officer in Boston. The only thing Irish about the show is the theme music. And their name.

I like the show and it’s gotten better since Jordan’s step-Mom disappeared. Did I miss an episode? Was this explained? Anyway, she whined every time Jordan came over to see her Dad. Annoying.

They’ve also played up the relationship between Garret (Jordan’s boss) and Lily. That and a job change makes his character more likeable and he seems to fit in better – he’s less of the office bad guy.

The last update I’ve noticed is her investigative tactics. She’s always wandering into places where she’s not supposed to be. The first few episodes had a regular confrontation with her friend, the cop. They had the same argument and it got old pretty quick. Now the writers conveniently ignore her unorthodox style.

Jill Hennessey is a good actress (I nearly cried when she left Law and Order to be in RoboCop 3); in fact the entire cast is great. The show is clever. I’m saddened that the next couple weeks they’re replacing the show with Alien Resurrection and then Stephen King’s “Rose Red”.