Shoveling Credit

Monday · January 14, 2002 · 05:21 PM

I think it’s mean that some people are bragging about warm sunny weather while I’m trying to figure out my snow shoveling strategies. It has snowed a couple times this year and I’m responsible for snow removal.

It’s not so simple shoveling snow. I live in a four family unit and my unit is on the end (am I the only person that giggles when he writes the word “unit”?). My place is on the corner of two streets (technically three, but that’s a blog for another day). That means I have the front of the house and the side to contend with. It’s hard to explain, so draw a picture.

Seriously. Get a pen and piece of paper. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Got them? Good. Now make a box with all sides equal. Label the lower edge of the box Concord St. Okay, now divide the box using two horizontal and two vertical lines so that it has nine smaller boxes in it. Pretending the top is north; make an X in the middle left box. Okay, that’s my move – you put an O in one of the other boxes. eMail me the results and it’ll be my turn.

Anyway, My neighbor is a nice guy and doesn’t mind shoveling the front part of my walk. What I’ve been doing is shoveling his walk and all of mine every time it snows under an inch. I figure it’s easy enough to shovel and I’ll start building up shoveling credit. Hopefully we’ll have a huge snowstorm and he’ll feel obligated to shovel my immense walk.

With my luck it won’t snow again for the rest of the year. I think shoveling credit is a use it or lose it sort of thing and expires sometime during the summer.