Merry Christmas! (again)

Monday · January 14, 2002 · 03:40 PM

Yesterday I finally exchanged gifts with Greg. He drove up from New York and we unwrapped gifts, drank some eggnog, and had omelets. I guess the omelets aren’t a Christmas tradition, but it was a yummy brunch.

He gave me a video game for the computer, the first new game I’ve got (bought or was given) in around a year. The last game I played wasBejeweled, which I originally saw on Susan’s blog. She’s replaced the Bejeweled game link with one to this page (which is considerably less entertaining).

Anyway, he gave me Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the latest game from id Software. I expect to be pretty busy with this over the next couple days. Greg bought himself a copy and we’re racing to see who can finish it first.

Ironically, it was while playing on-line with an older id Software game that I decided ToeTag was a good nickname…