Ain't too shabby at the Abbey!

Thursday · January 10, 2002 · 01:13 PM

The Abbey Lounge, where men drink hard, women drink harder, and sheep run scared…

They had some rocking tonight, including my favorite local-boy, Soltero. He’s trying a new line up and it seems to be working well. He only had a 30 minute set (minus a little more due to a broken string), but it was excellent, with several new songs (which he promises to be on his next album). Kipper Tin followed with some great rock (almost goth-rock ala Portishead). They also had some witty banter (at least Sarah did), which is an art unto itself.

Next up, was Caged Heat. Normally I’m not a fan of the harmonica, since it’s a whiney instrument. Jill is able to pull it off, though – sort of Punk infused Blues. Plus I think she has the same work-out plan as Gwen Stefani. Yummy.

On a slightly related note, I think listening to live rock music 20 hours a week is affecting my hearing. I suppose it’s time to slow down. After I see LocalJack on Friday. And SinkCharmer on Saturday.