Surprise! Er, uh, nevermind...

Wednesday · January 09, 2002 · 11:26 PM

Did I mention my Christmas gift from my Dad? This year the family decided to only send gifts to the kids (under 10). “Fine,” I think, “a couple gifts for the nephews – piece of cake”. I sent email to my Dad to verify this and he says “that’s right – we’re only buying stuff for the boys. And a little something for you from Lands End.”

Glad I asked, since he clearly didn’t understand the rules. I picked him up a little something from William Sonoma (apple cider mulling spices, and pumpkin bread ingredients). I wrapped the gifts and put them under my tree substitute (I don’t have a tree, so I put the presents under my coffee table).

My Dad shows up with a big box of presents. I say, “Wow, you really went overboard this year”. Meanwhile I’m thinking, “I got him crap, maybe I can sneak in the kitchen and wrap the toaster oven”. I toss this idea as being too Jack Tripper.

My Dad replies, “Oh, some of these are from your sister. We only bought you the fleece jacket and the calendar.” As he’s handing me the still-wrapped presents. I look in the box and see two from Dad, a big shirt box (“the fleece”, I think to myself) and a little box (“calendar”). I pretended not to hear him and open my gifts.

The fleece is a bright red color, which I don’t like (primary colors are so last millennium). I’m thinking about how to sound grateful, but also mention my issue with the color when Dad says. “We spent a long time trying to figure out the perfect color for you.” (Dad’s severely colorblind, by the way.) Ack.

So I thanked him, put it on, and we went to lunch. I’m wearing the fleece as a layer under my jacket and it’s “toe-stey” warm.