More Mail

Tuesday · December 18, 2001 · 06:19 PM

I’m trying to catch up on my stalker eMail. The last one I have asks me about facial hair. More specifically it wonders if I have any. Short answer, no.

Longer answer, I seem to be incapable of growing anything worth keeping. I’d love to have one of those thin boy-band beard/mustache things that look like they’re put on with a magic marker. Shaving for me is sort of a “search and destroy” affair, where I spend time in front of the mirror, looking for whiskers.

Fact is Salmah Hayek has a better mustache than I will ever have. I pick Salma because she will play Frida Kahlo in a movie next year (and while Frida was a talented artist, she is also known for her facial hair).