Amphetamine Mud

Friday · December 14, 2001 · 06:48 PM

Man, I love a good cup of coffee in the morning. Oh sure, I’ve tried other enemas…

Sorry old joke.

I do love coffee, though (maybe love is the wrong a word – I require coffee). I just got back from my favorite coffeehouse after spending a couple hours going over a requirements document (can’t wait to read the fascinating conclusion!).

An aside: I was looking for a link to the coffeehouse to go in this Blog, but they don’t seem to have a website. Sad. I’m almost ashamed to go there anymore. Maybe I’ll start a website. www.1369CoffeeHouse.com. Maybe a little CGI so I can order my drinks from home, then walk on over and pick it up

Ack, maybe I am a geek

Anyway, back to my story. I hate places that require you to add your own milk and sugar – I figure for $3.50; they could put in the little extra effort. (This goes for fajitas and Japanese “you cook your own food on a grill-top table” as well – there should be a do it yourself discount or something.) My little scam is to order a latte (so they add the milk) and get a shot of flavoring, like Vanilla (which has the sugar). It’s all very crafty – don’t let them onto the secret.

I’ve drank these a couple times a week over the past year and know exactly how much it costs before they tell me. Note that I’m not one of those people that have their exact change ready – that’s terminally geeky. Plus I’m not that organized before my morning coffee.

Today I got my coffee and ordered it from one guy, it was made by a second, and a third rang me up (some sort of union requirement, I suppose). The guy that made the coffee told the guy that rang me up that it was a latte, but didn’t mention the shot of flavor syrup. Free flavor syrup! I’m totally with the in-crowd now. Or maybe he has sever brain damage caused by a skateboarding accident and forgot he put the syrup in my coffee.

For the record, I like Susan’s hair black with hot pink highlights. The hot pink hair with black highlights was a little too much for me. Of course, what do I know – I don’t have any tattoos, piercing, never colored my hair, or shaved my head. I think that makes me unqualified to work at the coffeehouse.