Blog Hobby

Monday · December 10, 2001 · 10:26 PM

I’m spending way too much time with this Blog thing. Expect my posting to taper off over the next week or so. It’s not just the posting, but it’s also the stalking (I’m reading a dozen or so Blogs a day). There are also the people stalking me to deal with – answering their questions, posting info here, and sending nude pictures of myself. It’s tough work.

I just saw a cooking-related post on GiggleChick and the replies to it. First off, I thought Erin was drinking Bloody Marys and eating the cookie dough raw. “Terrible,” I thought. “Everyone knows raw cookie dough should be served with a dry white wine.” I’m so glad she wasn’t committing such an egregious faux pas.

Anyway, I wanted to point out the reply to her Blog that said drinking a Bloody Mary while baking “taints the purity of the yeast when making homemade pizza or even bread”. I’m a single male, so I don’t really cook food. I sort of heat things up – there’s a difference, you know. I’ve discovered that everything I make can be cooked with my microwave in three minutes on high. Really. I’m serious.

I never knew that cooking was so complicated. Am I missing something? Do the airborne fumes from a Bloody Mary somehow affect baked goods? Am I supposed to cook my Ginger Snaps in a vacuum? Wear biohazard suits while flipping Pecan Sandies?

I’ve been living here for almost two years and my oven doesn’t even work. Meanwhile, this guy’s kitchen looks like the clean room from some perverse Intel commercial.