Monday · December 10, 2001 · 04:23 PM

Well, these Blogger.com guys require a link back to them. I figure, why not link to other cool Blog related folks? For example, I’ve become an official BlogSnob, which gives me a random Blog link. I’ve decided to devote the left side of my page to Blog related silliness and advertising. That’s where I’ll post my favorite Blogs as well. Watch the space for more in the future. In fact, watch the entire site – I throw up random things all the time. Er, not throw up, I mean, post… Whatever.

More important than BlogSnobbery is YaySoft.com. Those guys have created the stalkers best friend – a website that shows when his victims, er, I mean friends have updated their Blogs. I’ve got a couple people under their watchful eye – this is better than a pair of binoculars and a well-place shrubbery.

Know them, love them, link them: Yaysoft.com Redefining Pointlessness

By the way, they’re looking for a mascot. Someone with mad design skillz should help them out with a clever mascot and some pretty little images. (To be honest, I’m being selfish here – I want to use a graphic button to link to them. Text is like so 1998…)