Sunday · December 09, 2001 · 09:15 PM

I mentioned the stupid blackouts we have around here. Plays havoc on the computer work, but gives me an excuse to leave the office. They’ve also trained me to save my work and backup religiously. I’m not sure what’s up with N-Star Electric. Seems like there are more outages here than other places I’ve lived.

This from their latest bill: “Bec Funding LLC the default service cost adjustment is included in the transitional charge.” Not sure what that means, but I translate it to mean “sorry that you lose power once a month, we flagellate ourselves with dead squids”.

By the way, when there’s a blackout in my neighborhood, we all go drink. The bars have emergency lighting and those beer-tap things seem to work fine with no power, although there was a funny incident with the electronic cash register last time. Winds up there’s a manual override on the bottom to open the drawer. Or you can drop the register on the floor, either option seems to work.

You can’t sling a dead cat around here without hitting an Irish bar (er, not that I’ve tried – honest). I can walk to Irish Eyes, The Independent, Tir Na Nog, Thirsty Scholar, and The Druid in less than five minutes. Enlarge the radius to 20 minutes and I can hit over a dozen Irish bars.

Next Summer, I may organize a neighborhood blackout pub crawl.