Sunday · December 09, 2001 · 06:19 PM

It just occurred to me that I missed Dark Angel this week. I suppose that demonstrates how my interest has dropped. I felt like the show jumped the shark in the last episode of season one.

The premise is cool. I wrote a short story that was similar (back in the day) and thought it had potential. I had full-back tattoos that were more like personnel records (no computers, right?). I had two males in the lead. I had imagined the feel of Battle Angel Alita.

I hadn’t imagined a female actress that acts like she’s in a High School play.

I don’t think the show benefits from that top-heavy Jessica Alba chick. The acting is bad and she’s not a very realistic action star. She does this weird duck walk when she’s sneaking around – looks like she’s storing something up her. Weird, since Cameron did it right in T2 (check out Sarah Connor escaping from her cell – her sneaking is first rate).

In the last episode of the first season, they had the big bad guy (Lydecker) suddenly become Max’s best friend. They introduced two totally new characters, Max got shot through the heart and died, her wheelchair boyfriend was suddenly walking, her brother put a bullet in his head, etc. Ack.

This season they really let the dogs out. Literally. Seattle is now crawling with a bunch of “Manimal” hybrids. They brought back Max’s brother (he had amnesia – you know, the bullet-in-the-head thing). Ack.

I suspect it’s only going to get worse, ratings will drop, and it’ll be cancelled. I loved the dialog and the character’s names (Max’s friend ” Original Cindy” and her boss “Normal”). sigh

I now get my “heroine” fix from Alias. (Rant within a rant – we had a power outage last Sunday and I missed the show. Stupid N-Star Electric.)