The best laid plans...

Sunday · December 09, 2001 · 02:09 PM

I’ve got some work to do and thought I’d camp in all day and get it taken care of (too much hanging out). Ignore the bitter cold and drifting snow. Turn on the Bossanova music, make some coffee, wear sweats, and take care of bi’ness.

I’m out of food. I got the coffee going and had a relaxing breakfast. Then I noticed the larder was bare. Then I remembered that I spent my last bit of cash on beer. Then I quoted Homer: “Doh!” I can’t even get pizza delivered (remind me later to tell you about my Domino’s ThinCrust “Pizza Bread House” fun – you can order those pizzas uncut!).

Anyway, I could go to the ATM and then come home and order food. I may as well stop by the store and pick up some food. Either way I’m going out into the cold.

Snow’s at around 5 inches, by the way.

Anyone in the area want to bring over lunch?