Saturday · December 08, 2001 · 09:56 PM

Been away from the Blog all day, there’s a ton to catch up on. Sit down and kick your feet up – this is going to be a huge update.

I forgot to mention that I scored a CD from The Operators at the punk craft fair. Brand new off the press (actually a one-off). The computer won’t play it. sigh I’ll put that on the pile of CDs I can’t listen to…

The Short Cuts show went pretty well, but it was a long day (8 hours). Jay must have changed clothes 9 times, got hit in the face with a pie and fell off a ladder. I think the pie footage may end up on the cutting room floor, but the fall onto the host desk was great. Did you know that RediWhip in your hair smells like really old cheese?

I’m getting Blog-related eMail left and right. People are really curious about Erin. Some want me to keep stalking her (“she seems desperate for a good stalker”) and some say, “I’m happy your [sic] available as a stalker”. Stop applying for the position of ToeTag stalkee; I think I’ve given up on stalking.

I’ll answer some of the odd questions I’ve gotten when I have a moment. If the questions get too personal or intrusive, I’ll eMail you back and answer them or defer as appropriate.

In related news, I’ve decided to start a private Blog. Something on a local server that lets me deal with the personal journal stuff (someone pointed out that girls have diaries and boys have journals – thanks, sometimes I need a nudge like that). Anyway, I’ve got someplace I can talk about my super secret girlfriend without worrying about her coming across the post (she doesn’t know she’s my girlfriend).

Man Clint Eastwood rocks (I mean the song, but the video is pretty tasty as well). Lately, I’ve been getting into the whole TripHop, down-tempo thing. I feel like its a fad that’s ending. Luckily, I’m comfortable one step behind the rest of the musical pack.

If you want to get in touch with me, eMail is the best way. I’m not getting BlogBack.