ToeTag is a Punk Rocker. ToeTag is a Punk Rocker...

Saturday · December 08, 2001 · 02:58 AM

Who knew that you could mix Punk Rock and Christmas Crafts? Would you believe x-rated doilies? Rubber macrame “fox tails”? (don’t ask) Gay fridge magnets (Fagments). Punk sock monkeys, handbags with seatbelts for a strap (don’t ask where they got the seatbelt – they get evasive). PUNKO (bingo with punk bands). Monkey brain slices on a slide, made into Christmas tree ornaments.

People with Mohawks at the “do it yourself table”. Sniffing the markers. I wanted to tell them to stop being a stereotype, but they scare me. Women shouldn’t have biceps that large (maybe it’s so they have more room for tattoos?).

Ah, time for quick dinner and I’m off to see some slammin’ 80’s heavy metal.

I didn’t realize that Tootsie went on at 11:30. It’ll be tough to get up tomorrow morning to direct Short Cuts. Looks like 30 scenes, 17 costume changes, and blue screen. Makes me feel tired to think about it.

Maybe I’m too old to be a Punk Rocker…